Seven Year Itch

by The Angina Pectoris

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    The Angina Pectoris comeback album "Seven Year Itch"

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The Angina Pectoris´ Seven Year Itch (CD) portrays as another concept album one always current, recurring theme. Things taken out of life, to the listener each time and thus songs, in which we can sink into reality at any time. It is precisely this mirror effect, which can reflect itself and turns the listener’s ear down seemingly with the skillfully woven network of sound and its dark poetic lyrics. The production is doing everything else, so that the album does not lose its appeal even after repeated intensive listening. It is something personal and plays with our emotions and memories, on a seemingly downward leading trip through a foreign and yet one’s own life on nearly surreal way closely related world. Hooklines seems to spiral out like two serpents tunes and chorus with, sometimes against each other and nevertheless still surface up again and again, that they firmly belong together and their roots are found undeniable in the classic Gothic.

An entrance ticket for a ride on the waves of poetries, melodies and what is pumping in our hearts. Life is here!

Once again, songwriter Joelen Mingi amazed us and gave the fans not only the long awaited comeback album, but also lands a musical masterpiece! And this will not be the last, because the band has secured tracks for further albums, which will be easy for the next five years. As in the good old days, when our ears were first given to listen to Joelen Mingi’s compositions.


released December 16, 2016

All words written and music composed by Joelen Mingi



The Angina Pectoris Stuttgart, Germany

It was 15 years to date when a band has decided to vanished in hiatus, after their successful world tour in 2000 - 2001.
One of Germany's leaders of guitar oriented Gothic music for
over 25 years, The Angina Pectoris , based in Stuttgart are back with their latest album “ Seven Year
Itch ”. An exclusive comeback show at WGT in Leipzig, largest Gothic
festival on this planet, 13th May 2016.
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